Should I Pay Down Home

Should I Pay Down Home Loan using CPF OA BY PAUL HO of and reproduced with his kind permission Should I pay down home loan using CPF OA? Throughout our years as Mortgage

8 Negotiation Tips to buy

8 Negotiation Tips to buy good property deal BY PAUL HO of and reproduced with his kind permission For first-time home buyers, one common trap you fall into is rushing into a deal

The Best Time To Buy

Buying a property for own stay: When is the best time? BY PAUL HO of and reproduced with his kind permission  So many people come to ask us, is now the right time

Property Buying In Singapore

Property Buying in Singapore – What should you know? Written By Paul Ho ( and reproduced with his kind permission   Everyone wants to know how to make money from buying and

10 Things Property Buyers Need

10 THINGS PROPERTY BUYERS NEED TO KNOW WHEN BUYING OR RENTING COMMERCIAL PROPERTY BY PAUL HO of and reproduced with his kind permission The decision to buy or to rent a commercial or

Enbloc Sales – 8 potential

  Enbloc Sales – 8 potential conflicts to consider BY PAUL HO of and reproduced with his kind permission Enbloc Sales process – 8 Potential Conflicts and problems   Enbloc redevelopment

Time line for Upgrading from

Sell HDB Buy Condo – Costly mistakes to avoid BY PAUL HO & reproduced with permission from Paul Ho from, Singapore’s leading mortgage consultancy How to sell HDB buy Condo safely? It

3 Steps To Take Before

3 Steps To Take Before You Decide To Upgrade or Not Longing for the extra room you can convert to a home office to cut your commute to work to

The Changing Face of Geylang

Paul Ho ( 05 June 2017.   With permission from Contact Lille for getting a New loan. What comes to mind when you hear the word Geylang?   For

5 things I didn’t know

Some years ago I was looking to buy a 2 bedroom condo in the north area. Then I chanced upon a unit on the ground floor with a patio –

Just Hit 5 year MOP?

Just Hit 5 year MOP? Here are your 3 options Congrats! You have paid your dues and are ready to shake off the shackles of staying put in your current

3 Options Once Your Flat

Congrats! You have paid your dues and are ready to shake off the shackles of staying put in your current flat. Basically you have 3 choices. Option #1 Rent out

6 Fun Things To Do

#1-Sail for Free Around Marina Bay What better way to spend a weekend than sailing around Marina Bay with DBS Marina Bay Sailing Programme and enjoy an experience like no

How Do Landlords & Tenants

It is a happy thing to have matched a tenant to the right property : it’s a win-win situation in that tenant is happy to have found a new home

Is Northpark Residences a Good

These are the 2 questions which Sophia asked me. I got to know Sophia after she came across this blog while researching on what kind of property she should buy.

Pinnacle At Duxton-To Sell or

It didn’t seem too long ago that I marvelled at the awesome architecture of Pinnacle@Duxton, an award HDB project which garnered much accolades for its unique sky bridge where we

HDB New Rules: Using HDB

  What are the implications of this new HDB rule that does away with COV? For 2 decades now sellers and buyers have been using HDB valuation to determine the

Sail at Marina Bay For

3 bedroom for rent at Sail@Marina Bay- $7.2K Full and Unblocked Bay View Beautifully furnished with quality and tasteful furniture 100% brand new condition Enjoy lifestyle by the Bay with

Marine Parade HDB For Sale-Low

5’I’ Blk 2 Marine Terrace This property is a rare gem available. Call now before its snapped up!                   The lovely renovated

Case Study of How To

  A Case Study of How A Couple  Upgraded to A Freehold Property & Still has $250,000 in Cash Case study 1 Eric & his wife Elaine own a condo

Why did Inflora sell like

“Do you think we’re going to get it?” my anxious client asked me for the sixth time. “Don’t worry, lets have a coffee and wait for the results of the

Nobody Ever Said It Would

I remember clearly the moment I signed on the papers to buy my first investment property, my pulse raced: “Will I be able to afford the mortgage instalments?” “What if

Properties with the highest rental

The calcuation for rental yield is really very simple. It is the yearly rent that we receive divided by 12 months. For example: Monthly rent for a property is $3800

HDB or Condo?

Case Study of how a HDB owner can upgrade to a condo and own another one for investment! Are you a HDB owner wondering if HDB owners can buy private

This made my day!

Came across this very empowering and inspirational passage and thought I would share it with you… “Promise Yourself To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

Best Tips for Property Investment

When hunting for properties, don’t be too overwhelmed only by how spacious the rooms are or how big the pool is. Keep in mind the below evergreen time-tested tips: This

Why buy a property now

  I have just finished a busy week where I have just helped a client May sell her condo and purchase a another condo unit. This purchase being her 2nd

The best piece of Front

Nope, the government didn’t decide to remove the cooling measures… Its about how a 23 year old South Korean young man saw an old woman without slippers and humbly offers

The Video That Drives Me

Have you met people who try to short change and in doing so think they very smart because they saved some resources at your expense? Well they should watch this

Can I transfer my name

HDB does not allow spouses to buy over the other spouse’s share unless it is in special circumstances like in a divorce case. However, if the owners are mother/daughter or

How I Got Into Real

It was the early nineties and upon graduation from University of London’s External Law Degree Programme, it was time to look for a job. I was attached to a market

What kinds of properties does

The only category untouched by the ABSD is commercial ie offices, shophouses, retail space etc. Although industrial properties consisting of B1 & B2 categories now incur Sellers’ Stamp Duties of

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