12 Rules to live by

We all have ups and downs in our life journey. Below are my favourite sources of motivation inspiration; joy and laughter : )

How to have a productive and stress free life

Ajahn Brahm

Click the image above to listen to one of Ajahn Brahm’s best talks

“Finding Happiness In Life”—-pure soothing balm for tired souls…

My biggest take away from this talk is how we always only pick on the

one or two things that are not going well in our lives instead of focusing

on the big picture: Troubles is just one word. Life is one whole story

Samuel Hui

He is a HK singing sensation in the 70s very much like what Jay Chou is now in Mandopop and I used to have everyone of his records. What I like about him is that not all his songs are about romantic love and covers a wide spectrum of topics like: how to appreciate the little joys in life, treasuring our parents, witty commentaries on social issues like traffic jams and struggles of the working class etc

Here’s another nugget of inspiration: