5 things I didn’t know about living in ground floor unit with a patio area

Some years ago I was looking to buy a 2 bedroom condo in the north area.

Then I chanced upon a unit on the ground floor with a patio – meaning in technical terms, it had a private enclosed space.

That’s what they call it for the ground floor units. Units with such open spaces from second floor and up? They are called balconies. You get the idea.

Although it was pool facing, I had my reservations because I didn’t want to have people peeking into the living room all the time.

But because it had a bigger size and all the other units I could afford had been snapped up, I mustered up all my sense of adventure and bravely bought this.

1. Grounded-ness

Having lived in high rise buildings all my life, I really have no idea what living on the ground floor feels like. It somehow gave me a feeling of grounded-ness.

It’s hard to explain. It gave me a king-of-the-fortress kind of feeling.

Being an HDB upgrader it was just wondrous that I could run and splash in the pool in all of 1 minute. Needless to say, this kept the kids busy and captivated for hours on end.

It’s like coming home to a chalet every day.

Somehow subconsciously the mundane experience of coming home became deliciously welcoming.

I guess it reminded me of the happy holidays spent in ground floor chalets in my teens!

2. Calming

To my surprise, there was something very soothing and calming about living on the 1st floor.

Maybe it’s the therapeutic sounds of cascading waters or the occasional laughter from the pool. All happy background sounds.

3. Plants

I have never been a person with green fingers.Having extra space in the patio gave me the chance to try my hand at growing plants.

I spent many happy weekends scouring nurseries and studying about what plants are sturdy enough to thrive in the Singapore heat.

I turned out to be an activity which we really enjoyed.

4. Patio dinners

In crowded Singapore, it’s hard to find a place where there are no tall buildings, let alone dine at an open environment in a resort like setting.

After a full day of digital devices and punishing work at the office, I am so glad I have a quiet corner to just chill out with a juice in hand.

As we have quite a big family, weekends is  the time for cookouts while the children splash in the pool with their play dates.

All this followed by a scrumptious dinner at, guess where? At the patio area of course!

5. Sleepovers and play dates

Sleepovers are really unique here as the kids can set up tents in the patio area and sleep under the stars all in the safety of their own home.

I think this will be some of their fondest memories of their childhood which they will repeat endlessly to their children.


Living in a unit with a patio area. Well, its one of the best living experiences I have ever had!

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